Cookie Policy

Cookies are a type of electronic instrument that collects information and assigns a unique number to each visitor as a User Identification (User Id) so that we may better understand the user’s individual interests when using our operating system.

To put it another way, cookies are little pieces of data that contain information received from a website and are saved on the user’s hard drive by the user’s browser. You can rest confident that this information is secure and that no other website will be able to access it.

Cookies allow us to keep track of your purchases, visits to various retailers/affiliated partners, and the precise moment of your transaction. The only personal information that a cookie can store is that which you provide. A cookie is unable to read information from your hard disc. This assists us in determining your preferred websites or items.

These cookies allow us to personalise your search and get you closer to your wishlist. When you connect with us via website, application, or Service using your computer/laptop/netbook, mobile/tablet/pad/handheld device, etc., we receive and retain certain types of information.